How to Stop Your Hair Color from Fading During Summer

Are you tired of having your hair color fading and not looking the greatest as it did when you just had it dyed days ago all because we enjoy going outside during the summer to sunbathe, swim and do other fun sports? The Sun and water just so happen to be the #1 cause for your hair color to fade, so what can you do to keep that from happening ever again? I have found some easy to do, no time wasting color boosts to help keep your color looking sexy and vibrant all summer long!
The first one you can use if you are just going for some gorgeous highlights then you should try using the “Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shine Shake”, which is $17 at All you need to do is spritz this all over the top of your strands after your morning shower, or after swimming in the pool; it conditions to help keep your color vivid and shiny, plus it smells good.
The next one is the “Bumble and Bumble Color Minding UV Protective Styling Balm”, which is perfect if you love your hair color exactly the way it is. The formula’s UV filters stop the heat and sun rays from fading the color out of your strands. To make sure your hair is always protected, work a dime to a quarter size amount from the roots to the ends after each shower. You can buy this product at for $28.

If you are going to the beach or living on the beach then this product called “Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray for $20 at is the best one for you. All different summer sports can cause a lot of trouble for your hair, which can make it dull and dry, and let’s face it nobody wants that. Every time you reapply your sunblock then spritz this leave-in conditioner to keep your hair bright and hydrated.
If you really do enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors then “L’Oreal Paris Color Vibrancy Instant Shock Treatment for $7 at is the best one for you. This is a mask for your hair which contains antioxidants and linseed oil to rehab your hair color in just 1 minute. Use this instead of your regular conditioner whenever you need a brightening boost.

If you like to swim then “Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer for $17.99 at is the best. The Orchid extract repels the water that rinses the color out of your hair.

If you tend to skip washing your hair as much as you can then you should look into buying the “U Luxury Color Protectant Hair Perfume in Bianca for $35 at This doesn’t just protect your hair color with UV filters, but it also makes your strands smell like fresh grapefruit (if you enjoy that kind of scent). Plus, a bonus, this product lets your avoid color-stripping H20 for another day!

If you have your roots showing and don’t have time to sit in your bathroom or go to a salon then “L’Oreal Paris Superior Preference Mousse Absolue” is just the right product for you, which is $15 at Just pick the box up that matches closest to your color and there is no need to mix a bunch of chemicals together; all you have to do is shake the bottle and then pump out only the amount your need to cover your roots. In just 30 minutes, rinse and then a month or so later you can use whatever is left in the bottle to touch it up again. Talk about a money and time saver!

If you have brown hair that is beginning to look a little too orange then “John Frieda Colour Refreshing Gloss for Cool Brunette” for $11.92 at is the best choice. All you need to do is treat your hair with this product on a week by smoothing a quarter-size drop of this tinted glaze completely through your hair after you shampoo and condition. Wait a few minutes though before rinsing and you will notice immediately on the improvement of the tone in your hair by neutralizing brassiness and adding a pretty shine.

If you have red hair that is fading then “Rita Hazan Ultimate Shine Red Gloss for $26 at is the one for you to make your red look more sexy and fiery. All you need to do is make this product part of your shower routine. This product contains no alcohol, so it won’t strip the strands. Just apply the color-boosting plus fade-preventing foam all over your wet hair and then rinse.

How to Create a Fun Nail Design to Celebrate the 4th of July!!!!

It’s time to celebrate our independence once again and what better way to do it than showing it on your finger and toe nails…. I decided to buy some patriotic colors to celebrate the 4th of July and this is what I chose:


I wanted to try something fun and different so I painted my fingernails all red except for my two ring fingers which I left blue and put some silver on the corner of my nails using scotch tape. Be sure to let your nail polish dry though before you try any tricks because then you will end up with a huge mess and will have to start all over again. Here is how it turned out: 0702142105 Also for my toe nails I wanted to try something a little more fun and creative, so I painted my big toes, the middle toes and the little one blue and the other two I painted silver. Once my big toe nails dried I did the same trick as I did with my fingernails and used scotch tape so I could paint some red on the corners and then I let that dry before I added some silver dots right at the lines of where the two colors connected, but I couldn’t seem to find a decent priced fine tipped paintbrush, so the only thing I could think of was using the little file that is connected to the nail cutters lol. It worked though and that’s all that matters….

Here is out my toe nails turned out:



What fun festive 4th of July art did you come up with? Just send me pix via comment box or email……



Top 3 Beauty Mistakes and How You Can Fix Them

My eyesGoing through my email and I came across on of my newsletters from “Beautylish Boutiques” where they are talking about these different beauty mistakes we all tend to make and how to fix them, so I thought I would add this to my blog, but to add my own opinion about how I go about fixing these problems….

The beauty mistakes we all tend to make are:

  • Mascara on other places other than your lashes:

0214141053The fix: What it said in the newsletter was to take a cotton swab with a dot of silicone primer and gently sweep it over the smudge. Well what if I told you there is an easier and less expensive way to do it? There is and all you have to use is a Q-tip and your saliva, yes that’s right I said it, YOUR SALIVA! Just wet one side of your Q-tip by wiping it on your tongue and then wipe it on the mistake you made with your mascara, it comes right off! Of course though, some of your other makeup comes off with it, but don’t fret because you can either reapply that small area afterwards, or you can do what I do and put on your mascara first before your eye shadow and liner so that way you don’t have to worry about reapplying. 

  • Missing spaces between your lashes with your eye liner:

The fix: In the newsletter they say to go back over it by using a cream liner or a shadow in a similar shade, get a small amount of pigment onto the tips of a flat liner brush, and then press it into the lash line. What I do is when I put on eye liner I like using liquid eye liner because it’s easier to get on and I put it right above my lashes so it’s easier to get on without any mistakes that way. 

  • Blending eye shadow poorly:

The fix: In the newsletter I received it said that when you use the same brush to apply and also blend your shadow then things can get a bit messy. It’s best to always use a clean bush to blend. “Anything with a loose bristle works,” says Wayne Goss. That may be true, but instead of spending a lot of money on expensive brushes just use your ring finger (the finger between your pinky and middle fingers) instead to blend that way because it’s the weakest finger on your hand and you get the results just as good. 

How to Find the Right Eye Shadow Shade for Your Eye Color


When it comes to eye shadow there are many different colors to choose from, which can become overwhelming. Certain shades can make you eyes pop and others would just make you eyes blend in with the makeup, or perhaps overshadow your eyes. 

In order to find out which colors go best with your eye color you can go with this guide I have provided for you below: 

  • Blue eyes: When it comes to this color of eyes you must be careful on which colors to go for so your eyes don’t get overshadowed by the makeup, so it’s best to avoid the blue shades and even the green shades because people tend to only see the eye shadow instead of your eyes. 

To make you eyes sparkle it’s best to go with colors such as golds, browns, plums and peaches and if you want to go for a more cool appearance then it’s best to go with the pale shades of blue, pinks, purples and deep blues. 

To draw attention to your blue eyes it’s best to choose  colors like rusty or purple shades for a trendy fall look and even orange would look flattering on blue eyes. 

For a bold, metallic look bronze is the best choice because it will help balance the cool tones in your eyes. Also, if you want your eyes to seem bigger then you should get the eye-brightening beige pencil and put some on the inside lower lashes. 

Note: It is alright to play around with different shapes of eye shadow if you are trying for a certain look. 


  • Green eyes: In order to find colors to help make your eyes standout and pop then beige is a great choice. Yes, it is a bit subtle, but it also compliments and enhances the green color in your eyes. If you use this color during the day it’s the best choice and you can also use this color for a more dramatic look in the evening. 

Tan is another great choice when it comes to green eyes. Also, if you enjoy using creamy eye shadows then you can definitely find some excellent tan and beige shades. 

If you want to pull off that dramatic look then charcoal is the best to pull that look off, especially if you are going for that smokey-eye look. Tip: The darker the shade you choose the more your eyes will POP!

If you really want your green eyes to stand out then plum is a great choice because it really highlights the color in your eyes and also makes them seem larger and more beautiful. You can use this during the day and even at night, but you will need to apply it more generously for a more gorgeous nighttime smokey-eye look. 

Gold will also make your green eyes look phenomenal and if you want even more affect then use gold eye shadow under your brows for highlighting and also use it on the inside corner of you eyes (where you tear ducts are) to add dimension.


  • Hazel eyes: To help make this eye color stand out it’s best to go  for the more neutral colors like browns, pinks, creams, beige, taupes, grays and blacks. 

Tip: Be sure not to overdo on the dark colors for the day time

Some other great shades like purple make a stunning contrast for hazel eyes such as lilac, lavender, violet, plum, and even eggplant because  these colors can really help make your eyes standout. You can also add purple eyeliner to pull off a more dramatic affect to your look. 

If you want to draw more attention to your eyes then gold and yellow are the best choice. You can choose shades like gold shimmer, sunflower,  mustard, wheat, saffron, and sand.

You can also make the perfect combo with pink, brown and sometimes green shades. To pull this look off put the pink under the brow bone, and line the crease with brown then you can fill your lid with green which will help make your eyes POP BIG TIME!


  • Brown eyes: Women who have brown eyes are very lucky because they can wear just about any shade of eye shadow. 

The best shades to choose from though are the bronze ones because almost all metallic shades look great on brown eyes. Green is another one because it helps compliment your eyes. Also, khaki green and forest green will help give you a dramatic look.

Tip: Metallic greens with a hint of gold are more beautiful on brown eyes. 

The brown shades look great on all eye colors, but with brown eyes it’s best to go for a more bold shade to help offset the natural color of your eyes. Metallic browns are also a great choice, but be sure to not over do it because then it’s competing with your eye color. 

Gold is another great choice for brown eyes, especially if you have light brown colored eyes. The gold color will help bring out the natural colors in your eyes. 

Purple, just like green, is a must have because it also helps compliment your brown eyes. This shade has to be the single best color to help set off and highlight brown eyes. If you try a medium shade of purple along with bronze you can pull of a nice dramatic look!

Hint: Using a highlighter on the inside lower lash is the oldest trick in the book to help make your eyes look bigger, so better go out to your local drug store to pick on up.


  • Two-colored eyes: When it comes to those who have two different colored eyes has to be challenging when it comes to wearing eye makeup. So in order to make magnificent eyes standout and pop just choose any of the colors from the ones I have mentioned from above so you can look vibrant and beautiful as well. 

Shaving with Razors VS. Waxing VS. Hair Removal Creams

hair removal collage• Razors: When it comes to shaving with a manual razor there are many times where you end up cutting your skin a bit and sometimes a lot when you are really tired like I have done and had to use a heavy-duty bandage to stop the bleeding. I have also learned that when shaving your legs it’s best to do it as late as you can in the evening because your legs swell up in the morning after you wake up and then decreases as the day progresses. Also it’s best to shave after your shower because your skin is more soft and the skin around the hair follicles are open (just like your pores open on your skin after soaking in a hot bath), which makes it easier to get to the hair better.
Now for electric razors those are better considering you don’t have to do it when your skin is wet and you don’t have to worry about using any creams, soap, gels, etc. and it also seems to remove the hair faster than electric razors, but your don’t get as close of a shave as you would with a manual razor. The only thing with electric razors though, they are more expensive to buy and even replacing the heads is pricey and they can also quit right in the middle of your shave, which isn’t good.
• Waxing: This alternative is a great way to remove your unwanted hair and to keep it from growing back as often as if you were to shave. Although waxing may be a faster alternative it can also be pretty painful considering the wax is grabbing a bunch of hair at one time and then ripping it from your skin, which of course can feel like they are tearing your skin right off your body.
I used to go to the salons to wax my eyebrows, upper lip and yes even my chin. I tend to grow hair in odd places and yes I do get embarrassed by it, but I do my very best to keep anyone from noticing. I have also tried buying waxing products to do at home, which my grandma had to help me with that and every time she went to pull the wax from my eyebrows and especially my upper lip you will see tears draining down my face because it stung so bad.
• Hair Removing Creams: When I have tried using hair removing creams it didn’t work so well for me because the cream would either burn my skin and I would have this horrible, irritated rash on my legs for a couple of days, or the hair would become plastered on my legs, which I would have had to go into the shower and scrub my legs to get the hair from not being plastered and then shave the rest off.
(Now I am not trying to discourage you from trying the hair removal creams, but my skin is just extra sensitive to a lot of things, which makes it difficult for me to use a lot of products.)
The upside to using the creams is that you get no ingrown hairs, there’s no pain involved, and it’s inexpensive and you can do it yourself. The downside is that it’s not recommended for big areas, the hair will re-grow within 3-5 days, the skin can become damaged if the cream is left on longer than recommended, the cream is also recommended to only certain areas of the body and the odor of the product can be somewhat unpleasant, which of course when I used the different products it made it had a strong odor, but nothing too extreme to where you could breathe. So be sure to read the directions on the package before hand so you don’t end up with any injuries.

Top 3 Reasons Using Makeup Remover is Important

Makeup remover

It can be fun to put on makeup to help accentuate the features of you face, but when it comes to washing off your makeup what is they best way to do that?
I have used many products such as:
• Ponds face cream
• Makeup remover wipes
• Olive oil
• Soap and water

The one I like the best is the wipes because it isn’t messy and you can see the makeup actually coming off you face and staying on the wipe. Choosing the right brand isn’t important to me, just as long as it’s a good price and it does the job.
Why is removing your makeup at the end of the night before going to bed?
1. Causes premature aging (ages you about 10 days)
2. Clogs your pores
3. Your skin can’t repair itself as good at night with makeup on

So make sure to remove your makeup with anything you prefer to help keep yourself looking young and vibrant for a long time.

What is your favorite type of makeup remover? Please comment with your favorite product and give a brief explanation why if you wish.

Thank you for reading,

God Bless

Sheri Capehart

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How to Cure Cracked Heels

0413140734 0413140734a


Once the weather started to get warmer my right heel has began to start getting really dry and then it cracked which then caused me to have a difficult time walking and even just standing and sometimes on my job it requires me to do a lot of standing, so I decided to go into Sally’s Beauty Supply and ask to see if they had anything that would help my heel to heal. The cashier showed me this small jar titled “Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure Collection (Feels Like New Foot Softener)”, which I ended up buying because it was only $1.89.
Once I got out of the shower and dried off I decided to try this and my heel already started to feel better, but of course it took 10 days for the crack to heal up.
I thought that if I would just scrub harder with my pumice stone it would help smooth it out, but it was just so deep nothing would help but this moisturizer.
The ingredients:
• Lecithin
• Glycine soja (soybean) oil
• Lanolin
• Beeswax (cera alba, cire d’abeille)
• Papain
• Zea mays (corn) oil
• Fragrance
This stuff is a miracle worker and I love my feet again. You can take a look at the pictures of my feet below:

Before using moisturizer

Before using moisturizer



After using for 3 days

After using for 3 days


After using for 7 days

After using for 7 days



After using for 10 days

After using for 10 days














Plus I used Neosporin cream and my heel looks and feels a lot now.


Note: If you decide to use Neosporin along with the moisturizer be sure to use the cream because the ointment doesn’t seep into your skin like the cream.