A New Easier Way to Curl Your Hair

If you are among the many women who love to have curl in your hair, but don’t like using curling irons or taking the time to put your hair up in curlers then this product is the best thing for you….

The product is called “BeLissPro Curl Genius Professional Titanium Curl Machine”.

What you do is place some of your hair in the curl chamber, close the handle and your hair will be pulled into the chamber and once your hair is all in the chamber wait for the beep signal and then release to have perfect, gorgeous curls.


You can buy this item at:


Sally’s Beauty Supply $99.99 each


Amazon $99.99 each


Sale-Fire $125.99 – $149.00


Bed, Bath & Beyond $99.99


Walmart $99.98


Macy’s $125.00


JCPenny $145.00


Cut & Blow $168.00


Ulta $99.99


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