Lumineers vs. Snap-On Smile


If you are tired of not having that beautiful white smile, or even straight beautiful teeth then lumineers is the answer. When you smile you shouldn’t have to be self-conscience, you should enjoy smiling without having to cover it with your hand or not smile at all, also to not stress out or get embarrassed about it.

Lumineers is a painless procedure that is also good for people who have sensitive teeth (which is something I have always had trouble with), plus it has permanent whitening results that last and is a quick and easy process.

Lumineers are a popular option because with this procedure you don’t have to worry about any preparation or even no preparation. Both dentists and patients can benefit from this procedure and this technique is best used with patients who have spacing in their smile and only minor tooth rotations. Most cosmetic dentists employ conservative bonding techniques in which they remove enough surface enamel to allow ceramist to make the lumineers feel more like teeth for patients.

Lumineers vs. Traditional Veneers:

Often Lumineers do not require dentists to grind, cut or file down any of the tooth structure for a proper placement. The veneers are adhesively bonded to the “facial (front) surface” of the teeth, making the process as much of a minimally invasive procedure as possible. The veneers traditionally have a thick nature required to grind down your original tooth structure. Lumineers however, are uniquely ultra-thin (approximately 0.2 mm) and highly translucent, which allows them to replicate the natural appearance of enamel and they require little to no tooth reduction and no shots (you like the sound of that right?) Once the procedure is completed, there is no tooth sensitivity or placement discomfort, so they look and feel natural from the moment they are placed. With Lumineers you can eat and drink anything you want with the confidence because they are applied in the most durable way possible.

Now for the questions:

  • Are Lumineers right for you?
    1. The chances are they are right for you. You can call 888-437-7179 to find a Lumineers dentist near you and schedule a consultation.
  • What would you like to change about your smile?
    1. Chipped or Cracked Teeth
    2. Stained or Discolored Teeth
    3. Crooked or Slightly Crowded Teeth
    4. You want a Hollywood Smile
    5. Spaced Teeth
    6. Renew Old Dental Work
    7. Discolored Teeth
    8. You don’t want Braces
    9. Misshapen Teeth
    10. Worn Teeth
    11. Small Teeth
    12. Braces Substitute
  • Will dental insurance cover Lumineers costs?
    1. Most dental insurances will not cover the costs of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Lumineers or even teeth whitening. Dental insurance is traditionally reserved for procedures that are necessary, not elected. Your cosmetic dentist may provide affordable dental financing plans or may suggest other treatments that may be covered under your insurance such as braces.

Lumineers can be installed in two easy visits to bring out your new beautiful smile. Your first visit the dentist makes a precision custom mold that will be taken so that personalized veneers can be created, and then you and your dentist will choose the shade you think works best for you to have that permanently white smile you have always wanted. On your second visit, your Lumineers are checked for fit and shade then painlessly attached to give you a healthy, natural smile.

The alternatives to Lumineers is that they are not the only minimal preparation veneer on the market, but they are the most heavily marketed and closest to any “household name” that you will find for veneers to remedy discolored, crooked, chipped, misaligned, or otherwise misshapen teeth. Composite bonding may also be an alternative to Lumineers when small chips or cracks in a single tooth are the dental issue. These kinds of procedures are much less costly and are a quicker cosmetic dentistry solution. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for Lumineers and may suggest these other options depending on your specific conditions and budget.

Snap-On Smile:

This procedure is an affordable, non-invasive, and completely reversible, cosmetic, removable arch that can easily and painlessly give you a beautiful smile! There are no shots, drilling and there are only two visits, so what are you waiting for?

The Snap-On Smile is a patented, easy and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile, which was invented by a dentist who realized that not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get aHollywoodsmile make-over.

The Snap-On Smile is thick and strong with the look of natural teeth. You can eat and drink with your Snap-On Smile and they are easy to care for and can be a temporary or a permanent cosmetic solution and it’s available for upper and lower teeth.

The Snap-On Smile fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile, even if you have stains, chips, gaps, or missing teeth. This procedure has been life changing for many people. It gives them back the confidence to smile. Thousands of people worldwide have already experienced the unique benefits of Snap-On Smile.

Snap-On Smile is good for just about anyone; it’s affordable for people of all ages. This procedure requires two, short and painless visits with no drilling, shots, or change of tooth structure.

It’s an excellent choice for people who have:

  • Gaps, crooked, stained or missing teeth
  • Those who are not candidates for bridges or implants
  • Anyone who would like aHollywoodsmile without the expense and discomfort of complex and invasive dental procedures.
  • Anyone who has an old-fashioned removable partial denture and wants a beautiful and more comfortable alternative.


  1. Robin Cruickshank says:

    I love what you had to say above. You gave a lot of information that I was looking for on those subjects. The only other thing that I would like information on is the post screw in dentures. I don’t know if that is what it is called, and I know it is more of a very permanent procedure, and probably the most painful. If you could give me information on that ASAP, it would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!


    Robin C.

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